Roti Rollers is an exciting home-grown urban sandwich brand that's creating new offerings from old favourites. It's where
East meets West; taste meets style
and the exotic
exceeds your expectations.
From a quick breakfast on the way to work or a casual lunch with friends to a pit stop on your way home or something to nibble on over a good book, we've got you covered.
We are challenging the conventional way people think about sandwiches and Indian food. Spicy, tasty, simply delicious! We have added just enough touches of exotic Indian heritage to remind us of our roots.

One Roti. Where East meets West.

Inspired by classic Indian Street Food and reinvented to meet urban tastes, Roti Rollers is an exciting new take on traditional Kebabs. Succulently grilled kebabs are wrapped in fresh rotis and served with our signature sauces and salads.

We're starting a flavour revolution, consigning the boring old sandwich to history. Join us, and banish bland for good!

Build and customise your Roller your way
or have it with a salad
or rice bowl.
The power is yours.

Grill, Fill & Roll

Customize the perfect sandwich by choosing YOUR preference of bread, kebab, sauce & toppings.
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